Construction industry jobs in the corona crisis


The Corona crisis brought enormous difficulties that destroyed a great many companies
and even industries. The construction industry has seen a real plus compared to the last
few years. Nevertheless, there is a severe shortage of skilled workers, which has now
been exacerbated by the crisis in particular. Find out what is responsible for this and how
it is revolutionizing the job market in the construction sector here.

Development of the construction industry in the Corona period

One might believe, for example, that a wide variety of measures and restrictions made it
difficult to maintain the construction sector. That is also perfectly correct. Official orders
are a problem, especially with large projects. Certain construction sites are only allowed
to continue partially in separate locations and this leads to an enormous shift in project
schedules. On-time delivery and completion is only possible to a limited extent.
The European internal market is largely restricted by border closings and controls. This
cross-border exchange of goods and workers is essential for the construction industry.
It is well known that construction sites are planned in such a way that resources and time
can be saved. One speaks here of the flowing construction, which works like a gear
system. But if one of the spikes on this gear no longer works, then you can no longer be
sure that the project can be completed as planned. The skilled workers who are now
lacking and are simply not drawn ashore are a huge factor.

The result is that almost all project plans have to be rewritten, new dates have to be
agreed and completions have to be postponed. New orders from the economy and
public tenders are completely eliminated. Only private home construction is booming in
contrast to the years before. This is mainly due to the sales tax cuts.
The industry was hit very hard, but you still drive a slight plus, which mainly gives
economic partial certainty.

Job opportunities in the construction industry

As already mentioned, the construction industry is mainly affected by the very difficult
European internal trade. This increases the demand for domestic goods and labor
immensely, since with these one is not dependent on the measures of other countries.
In recent years the construction sector has experienced a real shortage of skilled
workers. Recruiting for all construction companies is an ongoing problem, which is not
going away easily. This effect is greatly intensified by the crisis. Not only do the builders
fear the risk that employees will become infected themselves at any time and thus be
absent due to some quarantine measures, but also that the usual labor force can simply
no longer be imported. The important subcontractors in particular are struggling with staff
shortages like never before.

The industry has already been very successful in recent years. Annually you experience
a sales growth of at least 10%. In comparison: The employment growth was only 2-3%.
Many projects that are now to be completed in the corona pandemic must be ended.
Contractors also have the problem that all measures must be complied with.
Subcontractors stand still. Goods from abroad cannot be delivered. In the current crisis,
construction companies are increasingly looking for workers in their own cities and
countries. This is an opportunity for many workers to find a regional employer in a job
position that they may have been looking for for a long time.
According to various employment agencies, there is an excess of jobs and a shortage of
applicants. That means that you can get a job very quickly – in every sector of the
construction industry. There is an enormous shortage not only of workers and skilled

workers, but also of engineers and architects. While a large number of employees retire,
far too few follow suit. The demand for workers in the construction industry is increasing
massively – even apart from the corona pandemic.

This demand not only offers a multitude of career opportunities, but above all job security
that one could only dream of in other industries.

Highly sought after fields of application in the crisis

Whether project management, production or construction – whether building
construction, expansion or civil engineering. The advantage of the construction industry
is, among other things, the large number of different job opportunities. Construction
professions are immensely diverse. Accordingly, it is a great opportunity to discover a
wide variety of areas. While other industries have few sectors and specialist areas to
offer, things are different with construction. Even if you stay in this industry for a few
years, that doesn’t mean you will get tied up in a job. The construction industry and its
career ladders bring a great deal of dynamism to the sector-internal job market.
Even if many construction occupations require a very high level of physical resilience,
there are also some occupational profiles that can also appear very interesting for

After a few lines of information about the strong demand in the construction industry,
how to get the job advertisements and find more information about activities and
remuneration, you are sure to be curious. Nowadays, online job boards are a very
interesting tool for finding jobs quickly and applying for a job easily. We would
recommend the Jobsora platform. After you have set the desired parameters, you can
easily scroll through a large number of job advertisements. There is also the option of
uploading a résumé in order to speed up the application process and to be found by the
HR departments of the searching companies. Jobsora offers the freedom to apply to
multiple job providers. Compared to classic print media advertisements, this is easier
because you are immediately directed to the website of the company or group, you can
quickly find an e-mail to apply and in some cases even receive an online application
form. This leads to an uncomplicated and above all fast application process, which leads
to a very quick employment – because, as you already know, you are in great demand as
an employee.

Workers during the corona crisis

The measures taken during the corona crisis are often a challenge for employers,
companies and corporations. But they have the great side effect of protecting workers.
The chance that a specialist becomes infected with the Sars-CoV-2 virus while working
is minimized as far as possible, except for a small residual risk. Of course, wearing
masks can be annoying and annoying in some situations, but it is still more comfortable
than serious pneumonia.

We are currently at a point where we can at least estimate until when we will all, or in the
construction industry, have to live with the given measures. For us this means that we
will soon be slowly returning to normalcy. Hopefully with some new and local employees.

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