Drew Barrymore on Struggling to Achieve Balance and Why Working Out Isn’t Her Top Priority

Start the new year on a bright note with the iconic actress and talk show host—she’s sharing her thoughts on everything from kindness to honest parenting to realistic self-care.

It’s easy to think of Drew Barrymore as a longtime friend—and not just because many of us have been watching her on the big screen for almost four decades, in iconic movies like E.T., Never Been Kissed, Charlie’s Angels, and more. What makes her feel like such a close pal are the qualities she brings to everything she’s done, from her superstar roles to her beauty brand, Flower Beauty. No matter what, Drew always exudes a rare combination of eternal warmth, positivity, humor, and realness.

For Drew, those traits are a vital part of staying healthy and well. “I really like to be silly. I can’t really stop myself,” she admits. “I think your body chemistry changes when you’re laughing. I respect laughter—it is medicine.” This belief was top of mind as she created The Drew Barrymore Show, her daytime talk show that premiered this past fall on CBS. The 45-year-old’s goal was to blend news and human-interest stories in a way that was honest and uplifting.

Another core belief that Drew lives by: That kindness and taking care of one another is the path forward, particularly after the tumultuous year we all just had. And that’s exactly why Health chose Drew to be on the cover of our first-ever Change Issue. Whether you’re wanting to make change in the world or within your personal life, Drew’s idea of leading with kindness is inspiring.

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