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All of which occurred against the backdrop of Omnicom and its agencies, including its PR firms, implementing layoffs and furloughs around the world in response to business drying up.

In the earnings call, Omnicom Chairman and CEO John Wren said:

Although we see hope as the vaccine rolls out, we know there are still significant challenges that will impact 2021. In evaluating 2021, the first quarter has difficult comps. COVID lockdowns did not meaningfully impact our operations until mid-March 2020. Looking beyond the first quarter, our current expectations for the balance of the year is that we will achieve positive organic growth. While we hope the end is in sight, the virus has surprised us, so we must remain vigilant and adaptable in planning and managing our operations. And that is exactly what we’re doing. Our agency leaders have done an excellent job of managing our cost base to be aligned with revenues and that the work continues into 2021. At the same time, we remain laser-focused on driving our strategic priorities to expand our clients’ services and win new business.

I want to take a moment to thank all of our people. 2020 challenges everybody, both personally and professionally and our performance in 2020 is directly tied to your perseverance. Everyone in our company can relate when I say the pandemic was and is all-consuming. We dealt with the effects at home with our families and friends, and then at work. We yet, again, had to deal with its effects on our businesses and our clients. So I want to sincerely thank everybody for their hard work, because I know it was more than difficult. I and all the leaders across the group appreciate what you did and are continuing to do to help us get through this.–4ba4d454249f4064b56bb54fa264c14e–449d0d0a82e54cfa87fc78be2ab66464–18351dc449df4fb497ac053573dce04e–3dc03fca6cc04038a36574a47894c44d–7c84471850e84cbfa8f02b6f1383eb27–60993726af50462e904e249b1b58a53f–a6c7da5164fa469588a3c20fc4849a11–915b7304e86d4bd3bfc42f8f202b16f5–fbefe51ee10146d19f810ce616238e3a–3ba3f9bd21a64a779a88bf2c0050b6dc