Homemade ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ decorations set high bar for Christmas displays



The holiday season was in full swing Sunday, as ABC’s The Great Christmas Light Fight returned for yet another year. While there were no large crowds in attendance this year, due to covid restrictions, it was still a festive celebration filled with thousands of lights and incredibly creative decoration themes. One of the more popular themes from the night was based on the stop-motion holiday classic The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The Ford family from Mission Viejo, CA, created a spectacular “Skellingtons Xmas Toys” workshop using a lot of imagination and spare parts. They built the demons out of plumbing pipes and plastic bowls, and even used walnuts to make little brains for the toy duck brains. They handmade so many of the film’s beloved characters that both viewers and judge Carter Oosterhouse were blown away.

“Because they use household items,” judge Carter Oosterhouse said, “it doesn’t cost them a fortune to make this display work. And at the end of it, it looks fantastic.”

And even though the Ford’s didn’t win the competition, they did win over Oosterhouse with their creativity.

“This Nightmare Before Christmas display,” Oosterhouse said, “it knocked me off my feet. They used their imagination and everyday items to recreate the characters from the movie with Hollywood precision. It is spook-tacular.”

A new The Great Christmas Light Fight airs Thursday at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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