How do I successfully pass an interview?

How do I successfully pass an interview?

More and more employers are joining the project, so we asked them to advise candidates what to do and what not to do during an interview to get their dream job.
1. Don’t come unprepared.
You can’t go to an interview with the phrase “I saw Elon Musk’s post and I dream of working with him!” Just knowing who runs your business doesn’t guarantee you success. There are rather many interviews, videos, and materials about the company on the Internet – read the information.
2. Be yourself
People are the main value of every company, so the goal of the interview is to find yourself. It is immediately felt when the candidate recites the memorized phrases. Therefore, honest answers are appreciated so that you can see the real person, with their own thoughts, preferences, and principles.
3. Don’t be too serious and boring.
You should not talk to the recruiter indifferently, thus showing your lack of interest in what is happening around you. Or in the form of “…, I don’t know what I want. Offer me something like that Wow! So that I could not resist this offer. ”

4. Ask questions
You plan to dedicate part of your life to working in this company, so your job interview is not only to prove that you are the perfect candidate but also to understand if this job is really good for you.

5. Don’t lie!
You can see it right away. Remember that lies have short legs and sooner or later the truth will come out. Your employer will find out what you wanted to hide about you, and then you will find yourself in an even worse situation

And last – remember that everything happens in its own time and yours will always be yours. This simple tip isn’t just about interviewing. Good luck!



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