Merrick Garland Says, ‘I’ll Do My Best’ as Attorney General

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Merrick Garland Says, ‘I’ll Do My Best’ as Attorney General

On Monday, Judge Merrick B. Garland delivered an emotional response to a question from Senator Cory Booker on how his family’s persecution would influence his role in the Justice Department.

“If you could just conclude by talking — answering the question about your motivation and maybe some of your own family history in confronting hate and discrimination in American history.” “Yes, Senator. So, you know, I come from a family … … where my grandparents fled anti-Semitism and persecution. A country took us in, and protected us. And I feel an obligation to the country to pay back. And this is the highest, best use of my own set of skills to pay back. And so I want very much to be the kind of attorney general that you’re saying I could become. I’ll do my best to try to be that kind of attorney general.”

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