YouTube tests a way for synchronizing downloads across multiple devices

A notable YouTube premium feature among others is ability of downloading any video to stream it offline. As per Android Police, the video-sharing platform shortly tested one extension of this feature that will utilize your account for syncing downloads in multiple devices, like a tablet and a phone. This new feature was live apparently in both beta and stable versions of YouTube Android application; however Android Police couldn’t really make it function.

Under settings menu, one ‘cross device offline settings’ option would display a pop-up that asks which device you wish to synchronize and toggle and start the download. However, testing this new feature between 2 different phones did not sync the download between 2 Android smartphones on which they tried doing it. Whether the feature has been pulled completely or is still available for just limited testing isn’t known yet.

This is not the first time such a feature has been observed. Android Police has also seen code that refers to this feature when they went through one ‘tear-down’ of YouTube application in 2018. Hence, considering that it is still there for over 2 years now, it is completely possible that the app finally flips its switch on the feature. 

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